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Hi there!

I'm Dillon Nichols from Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania. I really do love Particle (seriously). I've used their products for years to expand my home automation system. I'm very excited to play with the new Mesh line of boards and build new projects with them (and of course share what I learn with the community). If you use my referral code below, you will recieve a free Particle Mesh Starter Pack and free shipping with your preorder.

Every Particle Mesh Starter Pack is valued at $15 and includes a limited edition FeatherWing Tripler and a component pack with a beginner-friendly mesh starter project.

Please take a look at Particle's new devices using the yellow button below.


Wi-Fi connected and powered by the ESP32


Cellular connected with LTE CAT-M1


A low-power, low-cost mesh node

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Brandon Smith

"I used Dillon's referral code and received free parts in my order. I'm looking forward to having everything I need to build a project when they arrive."